Trinity Advisers was formed to provide clients with a differentiated approach.


Trinity Advisers provides specialised financial advisory services to drive M&A, partnerships and other strategic transactions.

Target sectors include satellite, telecoms, media, cable and broadcasting, utilities and energy and related fields.

Target sectors are often regulated at national and international levels (e.g., OfCom, FCC, EC, ITU).


On behalf of our clients, Trinity Advisers works with relevant stakeholders to creatively develop optimal solutions – whether transaction-driven or otherwise.

Selected key transactions have focused on collaborative situations involving multiple principals including companies that were founded on “consortium shareholding” ownership structures. Examples include transactions with or for Eutelsat, Inmarsat, Intelsat, Infonet, Media Broadcast and SkyWave.







Transactions are all managed and executed by Trinity’s principals. Additional support may be sought in specific cases only.

Direct implication of Trinity’s principals with all relevant layers of our clients’ management, employees and shareholders differentiates us from most other financial advisors and considerably increases deal certainty.